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Fight Club – Round One

Welcome to Fight Club.

This is where the ‘big questions’ are answered.  This is where the ultimate geek conversation is given life. For example ‘If The Hulk and Spiderman had a fight who would win?’ or ‘If John Howard and Howard the Duck had a fight who would win?’

A friend of mine and I where out drinking (lets call him AF) when the topic moved to the ultimate geek conversation.  He and I are big pop culture fans. We both grew up watching The Justice League, Battle of the Planets, Transformers, and Robotech etc.

The battle described below was discussed quite passionately for approximately 5 minutes.

He attempted to drag others in, trying to get the numbers for his opinion. I argued that just because more people believe in something, it does not make it true.

To demonstrate this, did you know that the Ford in the US sells more F series pick ups than all of the Australian manufacturer / importers put together? This does not make them the best car in the world. In fact, and this is hard to say as a Ford fan, they are pretty average.

Now for the first fight the ultimate showdown… the prospect of this battle has geeks all over the world salivating with delight

Batman versus Superman

I hate to disappoint you all but this is a relative simple fight and the winner would undoubtedly be Batman.

But Superman is indestructible, you can shoot him, blow him up, burn him and he walks away unharmed. He has super speed, super strength and can shoot freakin’ fire from his eyes. Yes this is all true, but before we give it away lets analyse the two ‘Warriors of Justice’.


Super everything (speed, strength etc)
• Knowledge of the human race
• The Ice fortress

• Affected by Kryptonite
• His love for Louis Lane (remember what happened in Superman 2 when he reversed time for her in Superman 1)
• His compassion
• Wears his undies over light blue tights


• Wears a protective suit
• Masterful use of technology – Batmobile, Bat-a-rang, Bat Anti-shark Repellent, Bat Utility Belt
• Bruce Wayne’s wealth
• The Bat Cave
• Lack of trust in others

• Is human and therefore not a ‘super’
• Mental instability
• In the movie Batman and Robin, Robin’s cod piece was bigger

So let’s get down to it. As I said earlier Batman would win, why well here it is…

Since the death of his parents, Batman has a distinct lack of trust in others, except for his close friend Alfred. He makes it his business to know all there is to know about everyone he encounters.

So Batman being Batman, would know Superman’s weaknesses especially the aversion to Kryptonite, and would certainly store Kryptonite in his Bat Cave.

All he would need to do is bring the Kryptonite with him and Superman would be rendered harmless and over exposure would kill him before he got the chance to use his super powers.

So, the first round of Fight Club goes to Batman. Stay tuned for more. If you have any suggestions, please send them through via a comment




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Living Well – The Empty Kilojoule

First let’s define what I mean by ‘Empty Kilojoule’

  • Empty – Holding or containing nothing,
  • Kilojoule – metric measurement of energy in food the unit in which scientists’ measure energy (A calorie is equal to 4.2 Kilojoules.)

Throughout this series of posts I have coined a couple of constant phrases, the main one being ‘Everything in Moderation’.

The phrase ‘Empty Kilojoule’ is almost the opposite. So what do I mean by ‘Empty Kilojoule? Put simply it is a food that you eat that has no real nutritional value other that energy. Foods (and I am using the term loosely) such as chocolate bars and potato crisps – you know the ones they have right at eye level in the supermarket aisles.

So why is ‘Empty Kilojoule’ really important?  Well when looking at foods that are better for you, investigate their full nutritional value. Don’t focus just on one ingredient, such as sugar content, but what other important nutrients / ingredients does it contain.  The obvious stuff is easy but you also need to take care of those foods which you might think are OK. 

Deciding what food to eat is like buying a car. When you look at a car, you research all of its features and options. Sure the base model might get you from A to B but how comfortable will you be on the trip? Is it full of safety features? What about the colour?

Treat food the same, sure a packet of crisps is going to fill that hunger spot, but will it give your body everything it needs? No – so go for an apple (like cars they come in a variety of colours) or a carrot as a snack instead.

I just laugh when people come out and say chocolate is good for you as it contains antioxidants. I am sure we could find other natural foods that could contain the same antioxidants. Maybe it is just that the chocolate company couldn’t market them to people as easy as a lovely milk chocolate bar!

It’s the same with drinks; a popular one at the moment is ‘No Sugar’. That maybe true but it is full of chemicals that will still give you the similar kilojoule content without any other nutritional value.

But it is not all bad, remembering ‘Everything in Moderation’. If you want a chocolate bar, have one; just don’t have a family size block twice a week. People that starve themselves for a particular food usually find themselves over obsessing about it and as soon as they have the chance will gorge on it to compensate.

So don’t kill yourself if you sneak in a Mars Bar once a week – indulge. You will feel better for it in the long run. One thing to remember though unburnt energy will become fat, so you might want to do a couple more push ups or an extra kilometre in that jog to use up the energy.

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V8 SuperCars – Phillip Island Wrap Up

It has been two days since the race was finished, however I thought it best to wait until the ‘dust had settled’ before I wrote about the results.

The end result was that Rick Kelly is the 2006 V8SuperCar champion, beating Craig Lowndes by 37 points.

For me Lowndes lost the championship at Symmons Plains, when through no fault of his own he was involved in a crash at the start of the race. For me that race should have been restarted.

At Phillip Island it was looing like a great finish to the championship. In race three, the final race of the season, both Lowndes and Kelly where even on points and where side-by-side on the starting grid. Like everyone else watching the race I was looking forward to a great battle between the two best drivers of 2006. Unfortunately it was a fizzer. In the early laps, Rick Kelly punted Lowndes into Todd Kelly (HRT) at Honda Hairpin. This contact caused both Todd and Lowndes to spin and then Will Davidson slammed into Lowndes. The resulting damage for the 888 Falcon of Lowndes killed any hope of him winning the championship.

Rick Kelly was given a drive-through penalty by the stewards, but in my mind it wasn’t enough. People can argue all they like about “it was a racing incident” or “if it happened in any other time, the same penalty would be given” etc. What they fail to consider is that this was an incident which directly impacted the championship. I lay the blame on the stewards and management of V8 SuperCars. They need to be clearer about what constitutes a ‘racing incident’ and what level of punishment should be handed out. That sums up my gripe with this incident. Did the punishment really fit the crime?  Considering the impact it had on Craig Lowndes’ championship, I say no.

I have a message to Mark Skaife… If you want to bag Craig Lowndes for trying to overtake you in a reckless matter, sure big fella vent your spleen it’s your right, but be consistent. I am yet to hear you condemning Rick Kelly’s shunt of Craig. You argue that Craig should have been more measured in his attempt to overtake you. He should have considered the big picture – the championship when pulling off a risky overtaking move. Well Skaife what about Rick Kelly’s reckless (and that is not just my opinion champ – the stewards did give him a drive through for reckless driving) shunt into Lowndes? You have been very quite about that. Although I am not surprised by your lack of ‘balance’ in this matter.

Good luck to Rick Kelly, he did drive well all year; however I feel his win will be tainted by what happened at Phillip Island.

So with 2006 over, I cannot wait for 2007. It will be interesting to see who will be driving what next year as we approach the ‘silly season’. The next few months will full of driver changes and I will attempt to keep you informed



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V8 Supercars – Phillip Island: Final Round Preview

Well this is it, I am sure you have heard all the superlatives:

The final showdown, the penultimate round, etc. Well this time it couldn’t be more true. With only 7 points between Craig Lowndes in his888 Racing Ford and Rick Kelly in the HRT Holden.

I was hoping to write this after the first practice session today, however practice is scheduled late in the day and with work (yes, I do have a job) will see me not have the time.

I will get straight to the point…

Lowndes will win the championship, giving Ford the ‘triple crown’ (Bathurst win, Manufacturers Championship and Drivers Championship). It will also signal the return of ‘The Kid’ Craig Lowndes back to where he belongs as the best driver in V8’s.

Over the last two years he has shown his ability to fight it out in a championship, with last year seeing a similar situation to this weekend. He had a good chance of taking the title, but was piped by Russell Ingall. Craig has been consistent with Surfers and Tasmania being unusual results, although in fairness the Tasmanian round saw him lose ground through no fault of his own.

You might be wondering what my other predictions are for the weekend…well quite frankly it doesn’t matter as this is all about the Drivers Championship, but here goes anyway. The top five for this round will be:

1st – Craig Lowndes
2nd – Jason Bright
3rd – Rick Kelly
4th – Mark Winterbottom
5th – Greg Murphy

I will do a round and championship wrap up on Monday; have a great weekend,



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TSOS – MacGill to concentrate on First Class Cricket

In true TSoS style, Stuart MacGill has made a story about himself to get himself in the news.

This latest endeavour sees the TSoS announcing he will no longer be playing domestic one-day games for New South Wales, so as to give two up and coming cricketers a chance to be noticed by the selectors.

This is a dramatic turnaround for TSoS, who is normally talking up his chances or tearing strips off selectors for not picking him, but if you look deeper into his comments yesterday, the real TSoS comes out.

He was quoted as saying to ABC radio “I just thought in reference to World Cup selection, it would be a shame if I was to keep any of them out and prevent them from staking their claim… Nathan and Jason Krejza are great all-rounders who have got very successful histories in one-day cricket and if I’m right both of them will be picked to play for Australia at some stage, probably very shortly, and then a spot will open up in the Blues team again.”

What MacGill really wanted to say was…

“I am better than Warnie and the only reason I don’t get picked in the Australian Team is because Merv Hughes has it in for me. I remember back in 1994 when I toured with big Merv and we went to the bar for a drink, he ordered a beer and I ordered a cheeky little chardonnay. Merv ‘cracked the sads’ and said “that no girly boy chardonnay drinker should ever play for Australia, and one day he would personally ensure this would never happen again.”

When I asked Merv to confirm this story over a few crisp cold VB’s, he said the story is true, except for the fact that Merv really said “No wonder you can’t turn the ball MacGill, not only do you whinge like a girl but you drink like one too and if I get my way these two things would be at the trop of my list for reasons not to pick someone, if I was a selector for the Aussie team”.

Not long after this Merv sculled 6 pints, ate three packets of Smiths Crisps, four pies, farted and pinched the barmaid on the bum…what a legend.



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