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Tomorrow is the 25th of April. A day that is sacrosanct within Australia. It is ANZAC Day.

The day looks to remember the past and the men an women who have fought, died and returned from wars that allowed Australia to be what it is today. These men and women where true heroes. Putting their lives on hold and on the line for the ‘greater good’. This post is not about whether war is good or bad, but a celebration about these men and women, who to me are heroes.

If you search on ‘Google’ for a definition many come up, even the bloody American definition that is is big sandwhich. These heroes of our past (and present) did extraordinary things in the face of extraordinary hardship.

Heroe is a phrase that is thrown about to often in our modern times, sporting heroes, political heroes, celebrity.

Is Ian Thorpe really a ‘hero’ of our nation just because he can swim fast – No he is just a committed athlete.

Is Brian Harradine a hero for standing up to John Howard in stopping Howards contraversal Wik Bill  in 1998 – No he was doing his job as a representative of the people of Australia and he was doing the right thing.

Are the two Beaconsfield miners heroes – No they are survivors but not heroes.

Modern day heroes go about there business without the hope of ‘making it big’, becoming well known. They are champions of the little people, they stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

People whom every day and night help the homeless and hungry on the street of our cities. Ordinary people, even though they may say ‘I’m just like you’ – they are not. They are more than that. These people should be celebrated, not on ANZAC Day, that’s for the men and women who where willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for ‘us’ back home, but every other day, one day, but lets just celebrate the fact that if they where not part of our community, our community would be very different and not in a good way.

I would like to also send a special shout out to my brother- in-law Mark. Mark is currently serving in Iraq. Believe what you will about the rights and wrongs of our armed forces in Iraq / Afphanastan etc, but get behind people like Mark and thank them. Pray for their safe return, and while we are at it pray for the people they are trying to help. Not the politicians but the men, women and children on the street.

So next time you see the headline on the newspaper or TV news screem ‘Hero’ take a deep breath and remember those who paid the utlimate sacrifice of their lives, for those who fought the battles in our names. Celebrate their lives and do not forget their memories.

Lest we forget



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