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Drugs in Sport – why are sports stars given special treatment?

What is the difference between British rocker Pete Doherty and Ben Cousins? In my mind; nothing.  

They are both drug users. They abuse the laws of their countries by purchasing and using illegal drugs. Somehow to the population at large they are different. Pete Doherty cops bad press. 

We say why does Kate stick with him?  We say he should be locked up 

We say he is a poor role model for our society. However when it comes to Ben Cousins – West Coast Eagles, Australian Football League (AFL) – player we show him the welcome mat. The AFL assists his club with costs to cover his rehabilitation (made worse by the fact that Essendon football club cannot do the same for a player with cancer); he is commended for facing his problems, and getting treatment. 

My question to anybody listening is…Why? Why hasn’t Cousins been charged by police. He will come out of this experience with a clean criminal record, not to mention the ability to earn a huge salary by playing football. Last time I check ‘ice’ was still illegal.  

How come he gets special treatment? I guarantee that if ‘Joe Public’ was in the same boat he would be dealt with to the full extent of the law. But somehow, because you can kick a football or swim fast (no names – but we all know who I refer to)  you are given the benefit of the doubt, the law is not really interested. If the AFL or any sporting code was serious about getting rid of drugs in sport, anyone tested positive for illegal drug use (and don’t get me started on them calling them recreational – if they are illegal, that is it, they are illegal) they should be banned for life, and I mean for the first offence. 

Tough stance, well yes, but do we want our children to have these sports stars as role models? Plenty of other sports people can go through life without taking illegal drugs, so why should they suffer. Sporting regulators have hidden behind ‘Three strikes’ and ‘policy’ for too long. Time for action…sack the buggers. His is the only way we can be sure that we are sending the right message to our children and society at large.  

Taking illegal drugs is a choice these people have made. They must suffer the consequences of their choice, that’s the way it is in the real world. If I turned up to work under the influence of illegal drugs, I would be sacked immediately, why is Ben Cousins and others any different? Dave


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