Ant West finally gets the break he deserves…

June 22, 2007 at 2:02 pm Leave a comment

West aboard his 250cc GP bike (copied from Anthony’s blog)

For fans of the Aussie racer Anthony West,  good news has just come in that he will be riding for Team Kawasaki for the rest of the 2007 MotoGP season.

Ant tested with the team in Spain after the recent MotoGP round and obviously impressed all with his riding abilitites. Team Green seem to like Aussies, as Andrew Pitt rode for them a few years ago, so they obvioulsy see Asutralia as a great breeding ground for talent.

Westy has continually struggled for a fair go in the 250cc class despite some solid perfomances in the wet. He even recently raced in World Supersport and won the round at Silverstone, so it was always difficult for fans to understand why he was treated roughly in the 2500cc GP class. Anthony himself has said a number of times it is because he simply cannot bring the cash other riders can.

That is all behind him now as he replaces Olivier Jacque at Kawasaki.

Now all us Aussie fans want is to see an all Australian podium in 2007 and if all goes well and Ant gets to ride for Kawasaki in 2008 an all Aussie championship for 2008.


A late news update: In practice for this weekends MotoGP, Ant West has just clocked the 5th fastest time in Free Practice #2, out doing Casey Stoner and even Valentino Rossi. Stay tuned for my race report for the Donnigton round soon… Dave


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