Paris Speaks…a graphical account of her jail time!!

In what can only be described as a coup, Dave’s World has been able to have a interview (albeit somewhat brief) with celebrity jailbird Paris Hilton (pictured above)… 

Dave’s World: Hello Paris, Thanks for letting us have this chat 

Paris: Hi Dave, no worries. I am a regular reader of your blog (well except for the last couple of days) and thought you would be an ideal forum for my first interview. 

Dave’s World: So tell us Paris, what was is it like? 

Paris: Well Dave, the orange does nothing for my complexion; it really ‘washes me out’. Also the food here has made me drastically put on weight. I have put on 50 grams since being here. It’s terrible.

Dave’s World: That’s a shame but you still look better than Lindsay Lohan. 

Paris: Thanks. The people here are nice. A lot of the ‘ladies’ in here have been really kind. Offering to tuck me in at night; offering to help me bathe, it’s just like boarding school except there aren’t any nuns. 

Dave’s World: So Paris, when do you hope to get out? There is lot’s of talk about you being released early. 

Paris: Well Dave, have you seen that movie with Robert De Niro and Billy CrystalAnalyse This? 

Dave’s World: Yes 

Paris: Well I am going to pretend I am a bit crazy, and see if I can get sent home early…I desperately need a facial and my nails done. 

Dave’s World: So tell us Paris, what do you think this will do for your career? 

Paris: Well Dave, it’s all looking good. I am getting plenty of offers from companies looking to have me as their spokesperson. Security companies, companies that make overalls to name a few and I hope to turn this experience into a book/movie deal. 

Dave’s World: That sounds great. Who would play you in the movie? 

Paris: Winona Ryder. We ex-cons have a secret sisterhood and I think if she losses 10 kgs; dyes her hair blonde and maybe a nip and tuck, she would be perfect. It would either her, Courtney Love or Rosie O’Donnell. Meryl Streep would be good too and I have always been a fan of Elvira.

Dave’s World: Well thanks Paris for that riveting interview 

Paris: Thanks Dave, see you soon. Could you please pass me some lip gloss?


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MotoGP 2007 – Rossi back where he belongs


In what was one of this years best races, Valentino Rossi (pictured above) once again stamped his authority on the MotoGP championship to claw back lost ground to young Aussie Casey Stoner. Stoner riding the Ducati came in a credible 4th to still hold a slender 9 point lead in the championship.

In doing so Rossi maintained his total dominance at the Mugello track inItaly, with the Yamaha M1 rider making it his 6th win. 

It was an exciting race, with the lead changing many times during the early art of the race. It saw Loris Capirossi and Stoner (Ducati) battling it out with Spanish wonder kid Dani Pedrosa (Honda) dicing for the lead.

Unfortunately Capirossi could not maintain the pace and slipped to be seventh after this great tussle.

Then the ‘Doctor’ (Rossi) stormed to the lead at lap 15 to the cheers of the estimated 85,000 parochial crowd and was able to hold off challengers to score an emphatic win. He beat home Spain’s Dani Pedrosa who was second, with MotoGP veteran Alex Barros of
Brazil scoring a well deserved third.

It was an exciting tussle between veteran Barros and young ace Stoner in the closing stages of the race, but the wily Brazilian was able to counter the pressure placed on him to keep Stoner in 4th.

Rizla Suzuki rider John Hopkins again showed his talents by finishing a solid 5th in what is looking to be a strong year for the Suzuki factory team.

Chris Vermeulen scored more point this race with again showing his class by coming in eighth in front of more fancied opponents such as Marco Melandri 9th and 2006 champion Nick Hayden who scored a 10th, in what will surely be the end of his championship defence. Hayden now must resign himself to be unable to regain his crown. 

The top five finishers: 

1st Valentino Rossi

2nd Dani Pedrosa 3rd Alex Barros4th Casey Stoner

5th John Hopkins


June 6, 2007 at 8:58 am 3 comments

“Paris, New York, London, Munich everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout Dave’s World…”


Firstly my apologies for the blatant rip off from the great song from 1979: ‘Pop Muzic’ by M…but it is true this week, everybody is talkin’ ‘bout “Dave’s World”. 

Recently “Dave’s World” was reviewed by the commuter newspaper Mx, by Aussie blog guru David McMahon. The article gave me some great ideas to help improve this little ole blog and best of all, the URL was included in the article.

You can read the article also posted on David’s illustrious Blog here.

So if you are reading this blog because of the article, please add a comment and tell me what you think. 


May 31, 2007 at 4:41 pm 5 comments

As time goes by….

Today marks a very special day in my life. It is the 10th anniversary of my wife and my first date. Now if my memory serves me correct (luckily I have remembered the date), it was a no expenses spared, extravagant affair.

 So how did we meet?? 

We met in Canberra.

We actually were set up on a ‘not quite a blind date’. I say not so blind date as we had met each other briefly as we both worked in the same building. We had mutual friends who after reneging on the promise of a double date, we took matter into our own hands and took the plunge.

I was working for an Optus franchise and through my contacts with the local radio station I was given two free tickets to that high quality film, ‘Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion’. Afterwards I took her to the restaurant my brother worked at for a sumptuous meal of garlic bread and a bottle of Friscatti. 

So the night ended up costing me roughly $1.25 in petrol. But like all good things I recieved more than I gave. What I gained was that on that night I had discovered my first and only true love. As I drove her home, I had a feeling that this would last as long as the sun would shine.

The fact that she pashed me in a big way at her door step also gave me a hint…. 

In those 10 years we have achieved a lot together, our best achievement is our son, whom we love and cherish as much as we love and cherish each other.   So to my darling wife, happy anniversary, I love you…. Dave

May 21, 2007 at 7:16 pm 1 comment

MotoGP 2007 – Le Mans Results

Australian Chris Vermeulen triumphed on a very wet Le Mans track over the weekend on his Rizla Suzuki. TheSunshine Coast rider’s strategy; of coming in early for a bike swap when the rain began to fall, paid the ultimate dividend by giving him his maiden victory on the MotoGP scene. Vermeulen rode a sensible race to eventually win with a margin of 12 seconds over tough Italian Marco Melandri on a Honda.

Vermeulen’s compatriot, Casey Stoner, finished a ‘mature’ 3rd on the factory Ducati. For Vermeulen it was his second podium in the MotoGP class after his 3rd place atPhillip Island last year, also in the wet. 

The conditions went from suspect to bad then worse over the course of the race, and with this year’s new tyre rules combined with the ability for riders to swap bikes if it rains, made for some interesting scenes in pit lane. 

The biggest loser in the race would have to be Texan Tornado Colin Edwards. Colin must have walked under a ladder just as a black cat crossed his path, then tripping over a mirror which he then broke. The guy could not take a trick. After a blistering qualifying session which saw him take his maiden pole position on the Fiat Yamaha M1, he was swamped at the start and had considerable problems with his rear tyre. He pitted twice in the race. Fortunately he was able to salvage a 12th placing, albeit 2 laps down. 

His team mate Valentino Rossi wasn’t without issues of his own. As I have pointed out in previous articles, Rossi just doesn’t look comfortable. Admittedly, neither would I at a wet Le Mans, but he again made simple errors trying to turn his bike in through the challenging corners. It seemed as if the front suspension was a little hard, causing him to drop from leading the race, to a somewhat lacklustre 6th. In fact his 6th only came about by Nicky Hayden crashing out with a handful of laps to go. 

Hayden seems to be suffering as well, and although he performed well in the wet, it would be safe to say his title defence is finished. He fought well to get 5th from Rossi, but his off was disappointing. This disappointment was clearly visible immediately after the incident, which left him stranded in the ‘kitty litter’. 

The biggest news for the 2007 MotoGP championship however, was Casey Stoners solid 3rd despite the conditions. In the lead up to this race he had to field commentary that the Ducati was all horsepower and that he would struggle on the tight and technical Le Mans track.

The young Aussie responded to his naysayer’s in the best possible way by what could be the turning point in the championship. It surely would have been a hard thing for Rossi to see the Ducati pass him. A wet track is meant to be a huge disadvantage for the big horsepower bikes, but Stoner was able to ride the Ducati with a maturity beyond his years.  It wasn’t all easy for the Kurri Kurri Kid, he dropped back early in the race but was bale to claw his way back. The result gives him a 21 point lead in the championship over his nearest rival Rossi. 

1. Chris Vermeulen (Suzuki)
2. Marco Melandri (Honda)
3. Casey Stoner (Ducati)
4. Dani Pedrosa (Honda)
5. Alex Hoffman (Ducati)
6. Valentino Rossi (Yamaha)
7. John Hopkins (Suzuki)
8. Loris Capirossi (Ducati)
9. Makoto Tamada (Yamaha)
10. Sylvain Guintoli (Yamaha)
11. Fonsi Nieto (
12. Colin Edwards (Yamaha)
DNF: Alex Barros (Ducati)
DNF: Kenny Roberts (Team KR)
DNF: Nicky Hayden (Honda)
DNF: Shinya Nakano (Honda)
DNF: Randy de Puniet (
DNF: Toni Elias (Honda)
DNF: Carlos Checa (Honda)

Championship Standings:
1. Stoner, 102
2. Rossi, 81
3. Pedrosa, 62
4. Melandri, 61
5. Vermeulen, 55
  As always feel free to comment and come back for more news, comment and humour 


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Drugs in Sport – why are sports stars given special treatment?

What is the difference between British rocker Pete Doherty and Ben Cousins? In my mind; nothing.  

They are both drug users. They abuse the laws of their countries by purchasing and using illegal drugs. Somehow to the population at large they are different. Pete Doherty cops bad press. 

We say why does Kate stick with him?  We say he should be locked up 

We say he is a poor role model for our society. However when it comes to Ben Cousins – West Coast Eagles, Australian Football League (AFL) – player we show him the welcome mat. The AFL assists his club with costs to cover his rehabilitation (made worse by the fact that Essendon football club cannot do the same for a player with cancer); he is commended for facing his problems, and getting treatment. 

My question to anybody listening is…Why? Why hasn’t Cousins been charged by police. He will come out of this experience with a clean criminal record, not to mention the ability to earn a huge salary by playing football. Last time I check ‘ice’ was still illegal.  

How come he gets special treatment? I guarantee that if ‘Joe Public’ was in the same boat he would be dealt with to the full extent of the law. But somehow, because you can kick a football or swim fast (no names – but we all know who I refer to)  you are given the benefit of the doubt, the law is not really interested. If the AFL or any sporting code was serious about getting rid of drugs in sport, anyone tested positive for illegal drug use (and don’t get me started on them calling them recreational – if they are illegal, that is it, they are illegal) they should be banned for life, and I mean for the first offence. 

Tough stance, well yes, but do we want our children to have these sports stars as role models? Plenty of other sports people can go through life without taking illegal drugs, so why should they suffer. Sporting regulators have hidden behind ‘Three strikes’ and ‘policy’ for too long. Time for action…sack the buggers. His is the only way we can be sure that we are sending the right message to our children and society at large.  

Taking illegal drugs is a choice these people have made. They must suffer the consequences of their choice, that’s the way it is in the real world. If I turned up to work under the influence of illegal drugs, I would be sacked immediately, why is Ben Cousins and others any different? Dave

May 8, 2007 at 2:02 pm 8 comments

MotoGP 2007 – Stoner Continues his Winning Ways

A confident Casey Stoner took extended his lead in the championship this weekend with another top performance on his Ducati.With the long straight at the Shanghai track, he was able to exploit his Ducati’s top speed. During the race warm ups, Stoner recorded 337 km/h, compared to Valentino Rossi’s 325 km/h.

It is safe to say the young Aussie has talent, but the speed differential on the Chinese track was always going to be difficult for the Yamaha to peg back.Taking nothing away from the Kurri Kurri Kid, he rode a great race.

He started from fourth on the grid and took the lead at the beginning of the second Rossi fought hard through out the first 15 laps, but in what is becoming a common occurrence in 2007; Valentino made a mistake on the hairpin turn. He went off the track and was not able to recover sufficiently enough to pressure Stoner for the rest of the race. In fact by race end Stoner lead and won by over 3 seconds from the hard charging Italian.

In other results, John Hopkins aboard the Rizla Suzuki, finally got his just rewards and found himself on the podium less than seven seconds behind Stoner. Last years race winner Dani Pedrosa came in fourth a somewhat distant 14 seconds later.Current World Number One Nicky Hayden had more bad luck and was hit from behind by Toni Elias on lap two. Whilst Elias retired from the race, the Kentucky Kid was able to salvage 12th. Surprisingly he is still nineth in the championship despite not having a podium finish to date. This could be a telling factor in his title defence as the season progresses.

If Stoner and Rossi have a few DNF’s he will quickly become a major player for the No. 1 plate again in 2007.With Stoners 3rd win this year, the pundits have already begun salivating at the chance of another Australian holding the coveted Championship crown. While it is still early days and with Stoner himself downplaying the comparisons, I must admit that the prospect is exciting.

Rossi’s Yamaha will be stronger at the European tracks where outright top speed is less of a factor, but if Stoner can keep the rubber side down, he will have a strong chance of etching his name in the record books like Doohan and Gardiner before him.

Compatriot Chris Vermeulen once again put in  a strong showing to record a 7th place to put himself in 10th for the championship. It is great to see the Suzuki’s performing well in 2007.

So after the Chinese GP the championship standing are as follows:

1. Casey Stoner (Australia) Ducati 86
2. Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha 71
3. Dani Pedrosa (Spain) Honda 49
4. Marco Melandri (Italy) Honda 41
5. John Hopkins (U.S.) Suzuki 39
6. Toni Elias (Spain) Honda 35
7. Colin Edwards (U.S.) Yamaha 31
8. Loris Capirossi (Italy) Ducati 30
9. Nicky Hayden (U.S.) Honda 30
10. Chris Vermeulen (Australia) Suzuki 30 

 Stay tuned for more results, and as always feel free to go tocome back for more news, fun and comments


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